Virgo Zodiac Tin Candle

Virgo Zodiac Tin Candle
Virgo Zodiac Tin Candle

Virgo Zodiac Tin Candle

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The Virgo tin candle: 

We’ve got a candle that’s as earthy and real as our Earth types. Its base of golden amber and magical frankincense is teased with aromas of cumin seed for a scent that will help you unwind and ground back down to earth, however busy your day’s been.

Top notes: Aldehydic, Amber

Heart notes: Cumin Seed, Frankincense

Base notes: Vetiver


The element:



Like to get things done?

A bit stubborn sometimes?

Earth elements are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo star signs. Just like the Earth beneath our feet, our Earth element friends are supportive, nurturing and grounding. They have a strong sense of organisation and practicality set on routine and results.


Fill weight: 70

Burn time: Approx. 12 hours 

Dimensions: H5cm x W6cm x D6cm

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