Make the most of time for you

Mar 25, 2022
Make the most of time for you 

Whether you just need a boost on a bad day, some Monday motivation or a couple of hours of luxury once the kids are in bed, our This Is My Candle range is the perfect collection for you. What's even better, we've added some new phrases, which we know you're going to love.

Choose your favourite label, or one that you know your friend will love, and prepare to pamper – because you deserve it!  

We’d love to see how you use your candles so tag us in your little moments of self-care at @lowerlodgecandles.




Here are a few self-care ideas from us:


Bath time bliss

Can’t go to the spa? Bring the spa to you! Get your This is My Candle gently burning, drop a bath bomb or some essential oils in your bath, pop on your favourite album and soak the night along. If you don’t have a bath, create a spa-like shower atmosphere with our candle and your favourite body scrub. Bliss.


 Self-care cinema (from home)

 Make the most of time at home and enjoy a snuggly cinema night, with your favourite This is My Candle burning away in the background. Get your favourite snacks on the go (at half the price of the cinema), a blanket around you and watch that film you’ve been meaning to check out for a while. Film night but make it luxury, why not?


Give a gorgeous gift

 Know a friend who’s having a tough time? Surprise them with a little pick-me-up through the post. Choose a This is My Candle label that they’ll love and we’ll wrap, pack and send it out beautifully for you.


Mindful moment

 Sometimes the to-do list can just feel never-ending, can’t it? It’s really important to remember that we’re human beings, not human doings. If you don’t have an hour to spare for self-care, try and commit to taking ten minutes a day just for you. Shut the door, burn your favourite candle and take time to breathe in the gorgeous aromas and clear your head. You could even make it more mindful with a guided meditation. We love the Insight Timer app for that.


 However you choose to use your This is My Candle, remember to take time for you. Let us know how you’re enjoying your little moments of self-care and what you think of the candle scents.



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