Inspired by Astrology - Our new Zodiac candle collection

Jan 10, 2022
Ever been told you’re fiery? Guilty! Or perhaps you’re more of a go with the flow type of person. Maybe you’re super grounded, or someone who likes to chill out and wait for things to blow over? Whatever your vibe, chances are your zodiac element has something to do with. Your star sign falls into one of four elements, based on how the stars, sun, moon and planets were aligned when you were born. Each element has its very own personality traits. Think of it as your shared cosmic identity.

Our new Zodiac candle collection brings to life the elements, with mystical scents personalised to you. Each has been holistically blended with natural fragrances and hand-poured, under the stars, in our beautiful Surrey Hills site.

Let us tell you a little more about them... 

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The candle:

Sultry and spicy, with a sweet kick. Just like the signs, our Fire candle is full of fiery passion, with a sweet alluring edge. We’ve blended notes of powerful cedarwood, gorgeous ginger and cinnamon, all balanced with powdery violet for a fragrance fit for roaring queens and kings.


The element:

Fire is thought to have been the very first element of all. Fire signs are known for passion, for taking action, getting creative and having plenty of, well, fire in their belly! A lot like our candles, fire signs will light up a room just by being in it. Expect laughs, deep fiery love and plenty of drama with your Fire friends.

 Personality traits: confident, adventure-seeking, doers, impulsive

Air: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra


The candle:

A lusciously light breath of fresh air. Inhale, exhale and enjoy a beautiful breeze of vanilla, peony, melon and lily notes lingering through your home. This delicate but delightful fragrance is set to be quite the people pleaser – just like our Air friends.


The element:

Entertaining, intellectual and great storytellers, Air signs tend to be quite the charmers. They’re curious beings, moving quickly through life on the search new information and stories to share in the social situations they love. Just don’t try and get them to conform to the norm!

 Personality traits: versatile, communicative, social, indecisive


Water: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio


The candle:

The magic of the marine. Let go of what’s on your mind and unwind with riverside-inspired aromas of lily of the valley and ozonic accords, on a deep leather base note. Perfect for Water elements – and others alike – to let their imagination and intuition swim wild.

The element:

Our mysterious dreamers, Water signs tend to be full of intuition, emotion and wisdom. Their beautiful sensitivity is both their biggest strength and struggle. It allows them to fall in love quickly, be incredible friends and family members but also get hurt and feel pain deeply. They’re perceptive and empathetic, with an imagination as deep as the ocean.

 Personality traits: authentic, emotional, loving, reclusive


Earth: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus


The candle:

A woodland wonder, steeped in nature. Take a moment to ground yourself and thank Mother Earth as this candle whisks you away on a forest walk. With golden amber, smooth frankincense, tantalising vetiver and hints of aldehydic and cumin seed, it will stop even busy Earth types in their tracks. 

The element:

Just like the Earth we walk on, our Earth element pals are dependable, strong and loyal. Their strong sense of organisation and practicality means they’re big on rules, routine and results. All of which makes them good leaders – just don’t get in their way! Underneath their focused exterior, they’re wonderfully reliable friends with a deep connection with earth (naturally). 

 Personality traits: driven, grounded detail-orientated, inflexible


So take this as your sign from the planets to check out our new Zodiac candle collection.  Which will you pick? Grab one for yourself or treat your pal for their birthday. With black wax, black glass and gold metallic detail, they make a personal gift that’s out of this world. We have now expanded our zodiac collection, adding tin candles and gift boxes


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