10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day (with your beloved mates, not just dates)

Jan 24, 2022


10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day (with your beloved mates, not just dates)

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the ones you love. But who said that should be limited to just romantic love? This year, take time to nurture some of the other great relationships in your life – including, especially, the one with yourself. Here are ten ways to celebrate yourself and your pals this Valentine’s Day.


1. Enjoy your very own home spa day

Don’t fancy being surrounded by the cuddling couples in the jacuzzi of your local spa? Create your very own spa day, without leaving your home. Add some Himalayan pink salts and a blend of rose geranium, sandalwood and lavender essential oils to your bath for a dreamy dip. Our White Cassis and Patchouli candle from our Valentines candles collection is a perfect bath-side addition.


2. Buy yourself (or your pal) flowers

Flowers are not just for partners! This is your permission slip to buy yourself or your bestie some beautiful flowers. You can even choose a selection from your local store, grab some gorgeous ribbon and arrange them yourself. Dried flowers are a great alternative if you want them to last a bit longer too.


3. Treat yourselves to a bestie brunch

You can’t beat a brunch. Avoid the canoodling couples’ romantic dinners by booking a brunch with your single pals. Or, why not make your own? Whip and pile up some pancakes, with an array of toppings. Our Celebration pillar candles make a gorgeous-smelling table decoration.


4. Send your friend some notes of appreciation
Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Send your bestie a love letter, telling them five things you adore about them. It’ll brighten up their day and you’ll feel wonderful for doing it.


5. Spark up a Secret St Valentine’s gift exchange

Secret Santa is so last season. This Palentine’s, gather your single pals for a Secret St Valentine’s. The rules are the same as Secret Santa: pick a budget, exchange names and grab your chosen pal a lovely gift. Why not keep things candlicious with one of under £10 range.


6. Send your pal their own romantic dinner

If you know your mate’s going to be in without a date on Valentine’s Day, why not order them a takeaway to be delivered to their home? Some takeaway delivery vouchers are great if you’re not sure what time they’re going to be in.


7. Have a throwback-style sleepover

Cosy pyjamas, face masks, (Baileys) hot chocolate, reed diffuser and romcoms – stage the cosiest night in with your gal pals and don’t forget the popcorn! Salty, sweet or mixed? Hmm, decisions…


8. Plan a favourite things fun-day

What are yours and your friends’ favourite things? Make a list and see how many you can fit into a day. Why? Because you deserve it! You can always share ideas and pick for each other to add the element of surprise too.


9. Treat yourself, just because

That money you’d have spent on a Valentine’s gift? Spend it on yourself this year! Treat yourself, just for the sake of it. The relationship you have with you is the most important of all, so give yourself a good share of the love you’d give someone else. 


10. Let us know how you’re celebrating

Whether you’re bath soaking or mate dating, tag @lowerlodgecandles in your Palentine’s Day activities. We absolutely love seeing how you live, laugh and Lower Lodge.


Enjoy – and remember that love is for life, not just Valentine’s.

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