The power of nature: 5 small ways to bring more nature into your life

Jun 30, 2023

The power of nature: 5 small ways to bring more nature into your life

Want to know a not-very-well-kept secret? As well as luxury scented candles, we're kind of in love with nature, here at Lower Lodge! From rolling hills to meandering lakes, it surrounds our HQ and candle shops and we're constantly inspired by it. So much so that we've just released a British Nature collection to celebrate the wonders of nature. It's steeped in nature from the inside out with decadent botanical fragrances layered in natural vegan wax and encased in locally sourced glass and packaging.

As well as the beauty of scenic walks and mesmerising scents, numerous research studies have found that nature can be incredibly good for our wellbeing and lives. Here are just some of the benefits it can bring (according to Stanford University):

  • Reducing stress and anger
  • Improving cognitive performance
  • Increasing positive emotions (including feelings of calm and awe)
  • Connecting us with something larger than "self"

Powerful, huh? But we also know that not everyone can roll around outside, cold water swim or hike for hours. So, we wanted to share some small ways you can get closer to nature.

1.Grow some herbs or veg

You dont need a big garden or green fingers to grow some herbs or veg - just a pot, water and a window sill. It can be surprisingly fullfilling to see herbs flourish and they taste even better than shop-bought, too.

2. Set up manageable step goals 

There's no shame in not getting your 10k steps every day. We'll be the first to put our hands up and admit that some days sweep past before getting those steps in. So, instead of aiming for goals that feel unmanageable, think about breaking them into manageable chunks. If 10k feels too much, how about trying to do 1k more each day of the week.

3. Keep a plant on your desk

If you don't have huge amounts of time or space to get outside every day, bring the outside in and pop a plant on your desk so nature's close to where you work. Tip: if you're not green-fingered, try an easy-going palm or cheese plant.

4. Shop a little more locally

Bring nature into your dishes by shopping for products from a little closer to home. As a small business, we're big on shopping local and we're lucky to have some amazing farm shops, greengrocers and markets around us. Everything tastes fresher when it's from nearer home!

5. Bring the aromas of the outdoors in

Our British Nature collection has been designated with nature in mind, from blend to box. The breath-taking fragrances and enchanting hand-drawn illustrations will bring a little bit of the outdoors into every room. They come in three tantalising fragrances (Lavender and Patchouli, Honey and Green Fig, and Rose and Sweet Violet) and formats of candles, reed diffusers and brand new diffuser refills, so there's truly something for everyone.

We're ever so excited about this wonderful new collection - and we think you're going to adore it too. We'd love to see how the decadent designs brighten up your home, so don't forget to tag us @LowerLodgeCandles  

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