5 Facts You Didn't Know About Oak Hills Candles

Jun 16, 2023

 5 Facts You Didn't Know About Oak Hills Candles

Here at Lower Lodge, we care about more than just our products smelling good. We've been making home fragrances for decades, startings as a family-run business here in the Surrey Hills. We've learned a lot along the way but some things we'll never compromise on are: conscious sustainability, impeccible quality and affordable luxury.

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we are constantly embracing new ways to bring you the best fragrances at great prices. Here are some not-so-secret things that make our signture Oak Hills Collection amazing.

1. Natural heritage - from the inside out

Each of our Oak Hills fragrances is inspired by the nature around us - from fresh fruits to rich woods and delicate florals. What's more, our recyclable packaging is now sourced locally in the UK. Win, win.  

2. Wax matters

With decades of making luxury candles under our belts, we've perfected the blend of wax. For Oak Hills, we use a mix of mineral and vegetable wax that has been refined to the highest, purest standards. It provides a better scent without having any negative impact on health or the envronment. Layered with fragrance, the wax is then hand-poured in our lab and tried and tested to make sure it's perfect for you.

3. High quality without the high price tags

While everything from our wax and wicks to our fragrances and packaging is luxury, we believe in affordability. We continually add options to our collections - like tin candles and diffuser refills - to make sure there's something for every price point (and corner of your home).  

Candle wax in hands in shape of a heart

4. Made locally, with love

All of our home fragrances are blended, poured and packaged by hand in our beautiful site in the Surrey Hills. From fragrance specialists to packaging experts, our team has years and years of experience. We're always working hard to bring things even closer to home too!

5. Something for everyone (literally)

Some people adore the blossoming florals like Peony. Others can't get enough of our fruity numbers like Grapefruit, Blackcurrant and Mandarin and Ginger. Whereas others of you will love the decadence of our Cashmere, Sandalwood and Cedar or new Tonka Bean and Amber. Whatever your favourite fragrance and whether you're more into party-perfect dinner candles, three-wicked show-stoppers or reed diffusers, Oak Hills has the perfect luxury home fragrance for you.

See our refreshed, bigger, bolder signature collection and fall in love (again) with Oak Hills. 

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