This Is My 'Emotional Support' Candle - Rose & Cedarwood


Fill your home with the scent of fresh roses every day, with this beautiful 3 wick scented candle. We’ve blended the uplifting, stress-relieving benefits of rose with deep jasmine and cedarwood undertones for this beauty. 

Each candle has a different label and is packed full of mindfully blended, lovingly hand-poured ingredients that create long-lasting, mood-boosting aromas to help you through the good days and the bad. 


Top notesRose, Espresso Coffee Accord

Heart notes: Jasmine, Lily

Base notes: Cedarwood, Musk

Approx. 80 hours

110mm x 116mm x 116mm
  • Mineral blend wax 
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty free 
  • Hand-poured in the UK
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