Blackcurrant Scented Reed Diffuser


Notes of kiwi, apple and vanilla makes our beautiful blackcurrant fragrance summery, relaxing and soothing. It delicately balances delicious cassis and raspberry with a base aroma of tonka and vanilla beans, to bring that hearty hedgerow goodness into your home.

Filled with beautiful fragrance, the highest quality reeds will soak up the aromatic blends and diffuse them safely all over your home. All our 100ml reed diffusers last up to 3 months, with no need to light or put out.

Top notes: Cassis, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Strawberry

Heart notes: Grape, Apple, Kiwi

Base notes: Vanilla, Tonka Beans


Diffuser: H8cm x W6cm x L6cm

Packaging: H22cm x W6cm x L9cm

Lasts between 8 - 12 weeks

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