Scented candles and diffusers for 'Him & Her'



Sweet or spicy? Rich or delicate? Musky or woody? Life is full of compromises but we don’t believe great home fragrances should be one of them. We’ve been tinkering away in our labs to create a modern capsule range of His & Hers fragrances that will fill your homes with the aroma of luxury parfums. 

Whether you’re into sweet, swirling candle scents or bold, balmy essences, you’ll find unisex fragrances for the whole home in this tantalising range.

Tobacco & Spice
Cinnamon & Leather
Mandarin & Jasmine
Amberwood & Musk
Bergamot & Peach
Peony & White Pepper
Each of the six luxury home fragrances has been mixed, matched and wrapped to perfection on site at Lower Lodge HQ. They come beautifully set in black or white glass, with bespoke artwork and a gorgeous gift box. With six to choose from, why not get one for you and one for them too? 

Tobacco & Spice: Smooth and spicy. Daring black pepper and bergamot swirled with smooth honey, set on a rich, rustic cedarwood base. You’ll love the balmy boldness of this modern classic.


Cinnamon & Leather: Cool and comforting. It turns out you can beat the smell of new leather. Layer it with delicate white rose, zesty mandarin and sparkling cinnamon and you’ve got a fragrance fit for a King and Queen. 


Mandarin & Jasmine: Fruity and floral. Refreshing notes of mandarin, poised with a blossoming blend of lavender, jasmine, geranium and vanilla bean. It’s sweet, it’s sultry, it’s special. 


Amberwood & Musk: Earthy and exotic. Neroli is known for its wonderful healing properties. Blended with golden amber on a deep musk base, this rich fragrance will wrap your home in layers of velvety warmth. 


White Peony & Pepper: Botanical and bold. Fall in love with the power of flower. Enjoy this fresh bouquet of charming peony and rose, arranged with patchouli, white pepper and love. It’s a fragrance like no other. 


Bergamot & Peach: Juicy and jubilant. Rich, fruity top notes of ripe peach and mandarin, blended with passionate patchouli. This flirty fragrance will bring joy and decadence into any room. 


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