Discover our most romantic scents for Valentines Day and how we will be setting the mood.

With the 14th February just around the corner, we have been busy curating this years gift collection to help inspire what to buy your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.
Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s, Galentine’s or are embracing the self-love this year – we have something for you!
So, what are the most romantic scents for Valentines Day?
1. 'Love'
Lose yourself in Indian pomegranate with spicy accords of black pepper, clove and cardamom blended with armoise oil and smoky tobacco notes. An intoxicating dark scent with lingering velvety notes and complex fruity layers. One of our limited edition Love candles features a wooden wick; a feast for the senses as the wick crackles whilst lit!
Love luxury candle
2. Comforting Cinnamon & Leather
Cool and comforting. We’ve layered the aromas of leather with cooling spearmint and tangy mandarin, mixed with warming cinnamon and earthy moss. Cinnamon & Leather fragrance can be found in our His & Hers Collection where there is a scent for everyone in both luxury scented candles and reed diffusers.
Cinnamon and Leather reed diffuser
3. Romantic Pomegranate
Romantic pomegranate meets rich clove and cedarwood for this captivating tropical aroma. It’s juicy and fresh with layers of heart-warming depth. You can find Pomegranate in our Limited Edition ‘LOVE’ luxury scented Valentines Day candle.
Love collection Valentines luxury candle
4. Seductive Peony
Our opulent, charming and seductive Peony fragrance is a bouquet of jasmine and rose on a luscious amber and patchouli base ­. You can find the perfect peony fragrance in this years Limited Edition ‘LOVE’ scented Valentine’s candle.
Love Valentines candle
5. Complex Cashmere
Fragrantly fresh, our Cashmere fragrance marries uplifting, feel-good aromas of jasmine and aloe with earthy patchouli for freshly-picked floral fragrance with acres of depth. A founding fragrance from our Oak Hills Collection, Cashmere is available in a variety of luxury scented candles and in our popular reed diffuser.
Oak Hills Statement Luxury Scented Candle in Cashmere fragrance
And, how do you set the mood at home using these romantic aromas?
The key to mood setting for Valentine’s Day is to use as many of the senses as possible:
Sense of Smell
Is there anything better than a scented candle to engage your sense of smell? We've recently added some new scented dinner candles to our collection and can't think of any better candle to feature on our Valentine's Day table.
Sense of Vision 
Turn the lights down and light those candles! Candlelight is the perfect way to set the ambience for the evening. Low light is also a feast for the eyes as our pupils grow larger as it gets darker and let in more light – low light is also perfect for taking photos!
Sense of Hearing 
Play music in the background, pick your favourite songs and sounds that reflect memories together. With low light, this is sure to set the mood. Why not use audio candles? Our LOVE wood wick candles crackles whilst lit, so engages both the sense of smell and the sense of hearing!
Sense of Taste
We suggest cooking a delicious, wholesome meal to get your sense of taste fully engaged. Or, the other option, pop the Champagne, peel the strawberries and dip them in chocolate for a triple serving of aphrodisiacs!
Sense of Touch
Finally, the sense of Touch to complete the mood. As it is February, and still chilly, get those soft throws out, snuggle on the sofa or if dry brave the outside with candles in lanterns and chat long into the evening.
Remember, Valentines is about mates as well as dates! See our Blog for ways to celebrate Valentines day with you mates.

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